Who we are

“It takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place. To get somewhere, you must run at least twice as fast.”

This quote from Alice in Wonderland describes very well how tech companies in Silicon Valley and around the world evolve and find success. Great ideas require great execution, and great execution requires a strong team of brilliant people working together to reach the common goal.

We know this very well, because we have walked the walk. Since the early 2000s, our two founders have worked for tech startups, giant software companies, and consulting firms in the Bay Area and beyond, and eventually have started a few companies of our own as well. One of them, a B2B enterprise SaaS company, has become a major player in its industry. The biggest key to our success in both building the core product and scaling the technical implementations was the ability, and the processes we have created, to hire the right people quickly and effectively as part of our remote office in Ukraine, and integrate them into our team culture while retaining and

growing our culture — all within the typical constraints of being a bootstrapped, and later venture-funded, startup. These people have been our biggest investment, our greatest value, and our main competitive advantage.

As we started helping friends (and friends-of-friends) in the software industry build up their own teams based on these learnings, the results were phenomenal, and in 2015, we have launched Agile Fuel as a very selective, high-touch, boutique service to bring this approach to others as well.


What we do

You focus on technical management, we take care of the rest, starting with recruiting and extending through office space and across the entire lifecycle.

The process usually takes between 1-3 weeks for most positions

You provide JD and company description

We conduct search, find the right candidates, conduct technical and HR prescreening

We send you the candidates with the best fit

You run them through your interview process

If you decide to extend the offer, we conduct the rest of the hiring process

We provide them workstation, etc. etc. etc.

We’re primarily focused on building high-performing teams in Ukraine because of the following:

Strength of education

Problem-solving culture

Availability of talent

Great cost advantages


Why we do it

There are plenty of amazing tech companies, ideas, and projects, constrained by a shortage of engineering talent, and the ruthless competition for such talent, in the US and Western Europe.

Our mission is to enable these great companies to expand and benefit from the global talent base at a reasonable cost – all while retaining and nurturing their culture.

We see plenty of outsourcing companies and freelance engineers of various quality on the market (and yes, we get the same annoyingly unreadable unsolicited cold emails from dev shops!). Some are solid, and a few are brilliant; however, as many of them tend to focus on transactional interactions, high project volumes, and fat margins, this approach oftentimes leads to misaligned incentives and suboptimal results (to put it mildly), which in the fast-moving startup world can mean catastrophic failure without a chance for a do-over.

We are very selective about who to accept as a client and provide high-touch, tailored service to every company we work with. We only take on clients in cases where we feel like we can make a difference, and we work together with our clients to build teams that are focused on people, culture, and expertise that is specifically required for every given company, project, and team member.


Key Advantages


Avg 50-70% below US and EU rates, all fully loaded and no additional hidden fees.


No long-term contracts, ability to grow quickly or scale down if necessary

Quality [!!!]

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Streamlined management

You focus on technical management, we take care of everything else


Everyone’s recruited specifically for your team based on their expertise and passion about your product. We work together on integrating your engineers into your company culture in a way that keeps them excited and engaged.


Client testimonials

Taylor Smith
Cofounder and CEO, BlueBoard

Alex Schiff
Product manager, Occipital

Gary Livshin
CTO, Open Mineral


Our Expertise

Currently have team members working on:


Application development

Mobile apps


Interface design


Digital and print media design


Software architecture




Visual design


Quality assurance


Web apps






Manual QA


A few more things to keep in mind…


We speak the same language